Justin Otto is a Recovery Coach, Consciousness Coach, Meditation Instructor & group facilitator from Pensacola, Florida. Justin has been a touring musician, journalist, and blue-collar laborer and is currently the host of the Dharma Junkie Podcast. Justin is a childhood cancer survivor and former heroin addict who began exploring the Dharma and meditation when he found himself incarcerated while struggling with the human experience of addiction. He immediately saw the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and the Dharma and, through his practice, found recovery from both substance and process addictions.


Justin is authorized to instruct meditation and facilitate groups by Wild Heart Meditation Center under the guidance of Rev. Mikey Noechel, MS, and Andrew Chapman, LMSW. He holds a 100H Meditation Teacher Certification through Meditation Alliance International, a 100H Mindfulness Teacher Certification, and is pursuing a degree in Mental Health Counseling with a focus on addiction.

Justin is active in many social-profit organizations and continues to spread the Dharma (Dhamma) throughout the South East. He is the founder of Gulf Coast Dharma Meditation Society and leads groups weekly in Pensacola. Justin also serves on the Board of Directors for Flowering Lotus Meditation and is the co-founder of Mindful Pensacola, a collective of professional holistic practitioners dedicated to helping people wake up to their true potential and live happier, more productive lives.