Gulf Coast Dharma is a meditation society based in the Dharma (Dhamma) as taught by the historical Buddha, Siddartha Gautama. We practice Vipassana, or mindfulness meditation, the central meditation teaching of the Buddha. Combined with the heart practices of loving-kindness, compassion, and forgiveness, mindfulness meditation develops our natural wisdom and the ability

to see life as it is.


Our group provides a safe, non-judgmental container to practice meditation and build spiritual practice and community. Meetings generally consist of a Dharma Talk based on the core teachings of the Buddha, guided meditation, and a discussion period. We take refuge in the Three Jewels; Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. All are welcome, no matter their level of meditation experience. You don't have to be a "Buddhist" to attend. The Buddha never taught a sectarian religion; he taught Dhamma - the way to liberation — which is universal.